Farming has always been the most important economic activity in India. According to government statistics, more than half of the population of India depends entirely on agriculture for a livelihood, and most of these are small and marginal farmers. Factors like poor infrastructure, lack of modernisation and declining productivity have hampered Indian farmers from breaking out of the cycle of debt and poverty. Each year, thousands of them take their own lives due to crop failure and the inability to repay debts.

JeevikaPlus has multiple projects to help the farmer community to improve their skills, livelihood, and awareness and hence, multiply their income and lifestyle considerably

Why you should collaborate with JeevikaPlus

Choice : You can choose PROJECTS basis your relevant SDG

Support : Dedicated teams to execute and inform on ongoing projects

Credible : Robust but simple verification process. 12 years experience in execution.

Free : 0% platform fees, giving you maximum funds

Tax exemption : Donors / Participants get tax deductible receipts for all donations as per Govt. Compliance Regulations.

Scale : Donations accepted in currencies from around the world

  • Conducting need-assessment across areas of operations to ascertain community needs
  • Formulation the annual CSR plan as per business and community needs
  • Formulating the annual CSR budget in the line with the activities identified.
  • Implementing CSR programs across areas of operations
  • Monitoring and evaluating the programs in a timely basis

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