Corporate volunteering has evolved from its place a decade ago from being a once-in-a-quarter event with isolated instances of painting walls, planting trees, conducting a cleanup drive, visiting an orphanage etcetera to becoming a focal component at the heart of employee engagement.

Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) is an integral part of CSR, stems not just from having individual employees to volunteer but by empowering the volunteering journey towards community service. ISR can be a game changer when individuals are accountable for their action as well as inaction both within the organization and beyond. But this accountability can set in only with ‘true’ volunteerism, akin to saying, ‘go where the calling lies’.

  • Develop a new skill or enhance your professional experience
  • Create a real value in the cause area you are passionate about
  • Meet Like-minded people, expand your network and create lasting connection
  • Engage in purposeful work in your free time
  • Improve your mental health and overall wel-being