Green Energy

Economic growth has pulled millions of people out of poverty around the world but has also resulted in severe pollution especially in emerging markets like India and China with harmful emissions rising meteorically across the globe over the past decade.

India has set a goal of generating 40% of its electricity from renewable energy sources as part of its plan.

Tapping into the concept of ‘right to clean energy,’ many companies have started to diversify their CSR funds into solar energy, as it’s not only socially responsible but also fetches good returns in the long run.

Access to energy interventions were sometimes perceived to be highly technical in nature. This has discouraged CSR teams in companies that may not have the required capacities and capabilities. Companies found it difficult to source qualified and technically competent implementation partners in geographic areas of interest.

JeevikaPlus takes the initiative to handhold CSR enthusiasts into various Green Energy Projects. Join us / Contact us to lead India to a more environment friendly era.

Why you should collaborate with JeevikaPlus

Choice : You can choose PROJECTS basis your relevant SDG

Support : Dedicated teams to execute and inform on ongoing projects

Credible : Robust but simple verification process. 12 years experience in execution.

Free : 0% platform fees, giving you maximum funds

Tax exemption : Donors / Participants get tax deductible receipts for all donations as per Govt. Compliance Regulations.

Scale : Donations accepted in currencies from around the world

  • Conducting need-assessment across areas of operations to ascertain community needs
  • Formulation the annual CSR plan as per business and community needs
  • Formulating the annual CSR budget in the line with the activities identified.
  • Implementing CSR programs across areas of operations
  • Monitoring and evaluating the programs in a timely basis