The quality of healthcare services in India is alarming. With the annual spending on the sector remains among the lowest globally, it is high time to channel the focus on the poor condition of public health across the country. Though the government has the responsibility to provide last mile healthcare facilities to the citizens, yet it will be unfair to hold it accountable entirely.

The CSR mandate in India has shown significant involvement in the sector post-2013, making it the second most preferred sector for involvement, next to education. The involvement of corporate houses has opened avenues for improved technology, equipment, services as well as finances, which in turn has benefitted the citizens, especially in the rural areas.

JeevikaPlus specialises in Skill Development programs for Bedside Attendants and has now trained and placed more than 3,000 such personnel. JeevikaPlus is also equipped to manage all other related SDG areas for Helathcare.

Why you should collaborate with JeevikaPlus

- Choice : You can choose PROJECTS basis your relevant SDG

- Support : Dedicated teams to execute and inform on ongoing projects

- Credible : Robust but simple verification process. 12 years experience in execution.

- Free : 0% platform fees, giving you maximum funds

- Tax exemption : Donors / Participants get tax deductible receipts for all donations as per Govt. Compliance Regulations.

- Scale : Donations accepted in currencies from around the world

  • Conducting need-assessment across areas of operations to ascertain community needs
  • Formulation the annual CSR plan as per business and community needs
  • Formulating the annual CSR budget in the line with the activities identified.
  • Implementing CSR programs across areas of operations
  • Monitoring and evaluating the programs in a timely basis