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CSR is yet to develop as a distinct career path and there is no single professional body at present that represents the needs and interests of all those working in the CSR domain. This is due to the diverse disciplines involved and also the complexity of the roles and responsibilities of a CSR practitioner. It is an emerging sector which has got a great impetus post the government mandate of making CSR an essential requirement for corporates. The process of establishing and responding to the CSR agenda within an organization will require specialists who have experience in various fields like social work, health, education and disaster management etc.

SR sector recruits its major workforce from among the professionals who are in to Social work, rural development and other developmental fields to undertake and manage the CSR activities of company. There are an increasing number of qualifications becoming available at Masters Level and as part of MBA courses. The professional courses like Master of Social Works (MSW), MBA in rural development and Post Graduate Diploma in Rural development etc. offered by different universities and reputed institution may be right option for career in CSR.

It is a challenge for those who are just getting started in the CSR Sector, as most Corporations would look for candidates who have some relevant CSR Experience. Getting on board with a specific company can sometimes become a challenge. Hence, a possible solution would be to opt for Internship of couple of months and gain experience.

  • Wide range of Projects
  • Interact with professionals with immense CSR implementation knowledge
  • Work in every area of CSR implementation
  • Connect with Corporates and NGOs for future roles in CSR