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Although in general the majority of businesses are still in the early stages of developing collaborations with NGOs, a wave of companies both new and long- standing are taking the lead in bringing business ‟financial and human resources as well as a systems- approach to the job of bridging India’s wide gap between rich and poor”.

However, sectoral stereotypes, a fierce short-term business climate and an under-capacity NGO sector are obstacles to greater scale and impact. A vital opportunity exists to achieve a stepchange in India’s inclusive growth and prosperous development by companies working much more extensively in partnership with civil society, NGOs and government. Companies can use their business skills and acumen (for example through skills-based employee engagement) to build the capacity of the other sectors and work together to tackle some of the most pressing societal challenges.

NGOs need to improve transparency to counter negative stereotypes and professionalize management processes, but they need business help to do this. The scene is set for visionary businesses to take advantage of the opportunity to use their unique trusted status to lead a collaborative effort with NGOs and government that capitalizes on the growth potential of India and creates a lasting legacy of equity and prosperity for all, that will ensure India achieves the status of a true superpower.

At JeevikaPlus we have a mission to bring the professional bandwidth of the corporate to help the NGO with their projects, management, marketing etc. Enroll your NGO with us, keep us updated on your projects and we will together travel the journey of creating meaningful impact.

  • Reduce your Operational Cost
  • Access global professional talent
  • Improve your marketing and digital presence
  • Train and upskill your team and personnel
  • Learn professional management for all function and organise better.